Primary Schools Cricket Offer

Berkshire Cricket, in partnership with Chance to Shine, offers an extensive free cricket offer to Primary Schools.

As part of this, we provide six weeks of coaching across a half-term alongside assemblies, young leadership training for Year 5 & 6 pupils and teacher CPD to staff members.

Chance to Shine also offers an array of online resources which are fantastic for both PE and classroom lessons, you can sign up to and access these resources here:


For more information on booking a free six week schools cricket programme please email


Secondary Schools Cricket Offer

Our Secondary School’s cricket offer is mostly centred around providing leadership training. We do this through providing sessions aimed at building ‘Young Leaders’ who often then go on to help run their own in-school extracurricular clubs.

The basis of this training is to provide young adults with cricket coaching and behaviour management skills. Secondary school children are then given the opportunity to use these skills by helping to run some of our primary school competitions.

Who are Chance to Shine?

Chance to Shine are a UK charity who’s aim is to provide children with their first experience of cricket.

We’re one of many county boards that work alongside them to not only provide opportunities to play cricket to children, but also to teach important life lessons such as communication, leadership and perseverance.

To learn more about Chance to Shine and what they do visit their website here:


Teacher Training

As part of our school’s offer, we provide the opportunity to deliver training to teachers in delivering cricket as part of PE.

This training is open to teachers, TA’s and lunchtime assistants and can be for a specific school or a combination of local schools.

It’s completely free and can be anywhere from one to three hours during a training day, a staff meeting or in the evening after school hours when is convenient.

The training can cover anything from warm-ups, specific skills, games to suit a whole class and differentiation within a lesson.

For more information contact

Berkshire Cricket Foundation | Charity Number: 1165948 | Registered address: The Cricket Pavilion, Enborne Street, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 6TW | Email: