Are you enthusiastic about cricket? Do you want to get involved in coaching or officiating? If so, the Berkshire Cricket Young Volunteers 2024 program may be the perfect opportunity for you!

About the Course

The course consists of two comprehensive modules, both of which will be covered on the same day. The modules are aimed at providing young volunteers aged 12-16 with the skills and knowledge they need to assist in the delivery of junior coaching sessions at their club or community setting, and to understand the scoring and umpiring aspects of the game.

Module 1 – Activator Training

The first module, Activator Training, lasts for 2 hours. This part of the course is similar to the All Stars and Dynamos Face-to-Face Activator Training course. During this module, participants will learn about the STEP framework, an essential tool for managing a group of children. They will also have a go at delivering a cricket activity themselves. This hands-on experience will equip them with the necessary skills and confidence to assist in the delivery of junior coaching sessions.

Module 2 – Young Officials

The second module, Young Officials, also lasts for 2 hours. This section of the course covers both scoring and umpiring, two crucial aspects of cricket. Participants will learn all the signals, methods of dismissal and about the umpire’s role in game management. They will also be introduced to the Play-Cricket scoring app and learn how to use it effectively.

Course Completion

Upon successful completion of the day’s activity, participants will receive a certificate. This will serve as a testament to their newfound knowledge and skills, and make them a valuable asset to any club or community setting.

Get Involved

This is a unique opportunity to get involved in the sport you love while also learning valuable skills. The Berkshire Cricket Young Volunteers 2024 program is not just about cricket, but also about developing leadership, communication, and teamwork skills. Whether you aspire to be a coach, an umpire, or simply want to contribute to your local cricket community, this course is for you. SIGN UP HERE
Course cost is £15 with an ‘early bird’ price of £10 if paid by the 17th of March



WEDNESDAY MAY 29th 10am-2:30pm



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